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Pedal-driven and human-powered bicycle has evolved through the years. This two-wheeled riding partner has been around for ages driven by both amateur and professional cyclists from around the world. A majority of riders is those interested in biking, losing weight and staying fit, but riding may fit you no matter what your purpose is.

When Did It All Start?

You may be wondering when cycling or particularly bicycles started. To start with, bikes were launched in the 19th century in Europe. From then on, cycling has grown a million of fans and riders around the world; in fact, bikes are considered part of the top 10 most used transportation in the world. As of the year 2003, there were more than a billion of bicycles globally, a figure double than the number of cars or automobiles.

In many regions, especially in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, bikes are among the best transportation means for many people, including children, teens, adults and seniors, male or female.

Why Are Bikes So Popular in Singapore?

Bikes are flexible; in fact, one can be used on a myriad of applications, such as recreation, military, fitness, racing and courier services. Definitely, there is more than one way of using a bike so having it can become truly advantageous for anyone.

Apart from that, a bike is a great investment to last for many years, especially if one is able to select one that matches his riding level, lifestyle and goals. Therefore, it is very important that one choose a model or brand that can stay up with the pressure of heavy use and abuse in particular to advance and heavy riders.

Innovative and customizable, a bike can bring one in places! From the typical upright and regular pedaled bike, some models can even be folded and be electrically powered. Surely, there are plenty of choices when it comes to the features, specifications and additions one is looking for in his bike. From the chain-driven type in 1883, several specialized designs with and drive types have been introduced on the market for better convenience.

Despite the busy life in Singapore, people are looking for a way to stay healthy and that is made possible by cycling. Through a bike ride, they can now enjoy exercising while going to their school or office. Instead of driving a car that does not support physical activity, they choose a bike for its health benefits that they can get even with a hectic schedule.

Get the right Singapore bicycle that matches you!

If you’re buying a new bike, do not just go and spend for one without figuring out what your options are. You can consult a few experts on the subject so that you can be sure of your investment. Do not think twice calling up a professional to help you decide on the best bike for you!

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