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Back in the day, most people coming to a bicycle store would look for a bike that you and everybody else are accustomed to ride. However, this has all changed over the past years. According to many bike enthusiasts, folding bikes are the biggest trend that’s gaining more and more popularity each day.

With that in mind, most people are asking, what’s the best folding bike in the market today? Well, this is definitely a tough question that most experts have various opinions about it. The thing is that it’s just not the right question to ask.

If you’re looking to buy a folding bike, there is no perfect match for you. However, one suits your needs and comfort. Why don’t start looking for one by asking yourself these questions? Let’s go ahead and look at that right now.

  • Which folding bike in the market today is the most inexpensive one?
  • What’s the fastest folding bike out there?
  • What’s the best portable bike amongst competing brands?
  • Which model is the lightest folding bike?


Choosing a Folding Bicycle

As a rider, you would like to have the best folding bike you can ride towards the office or school. The best one that you can get from the market actually depends on your riding needs. The best folding bicycle for you may not work out well for somebody else. Now, why don’t you look at these options in choosing your folding bike?

• Best value, commuter-folding bike is going to give a good run for your money. There are some brands or models that give many features you’re looking for in commuter bikes like fenders and rack as well as low-maintenance internal hub. These bikes also fold up nice and easy for easy transport on buses and trains.

• Regular sized wheel folding bikes is built with normal sized wheels as the name suggests. Most models or brands possess front suspension and many features that a regular mountain bike does have.

• Lightweight, fast and best performing folding bike allows riders to fly on the road. Most brands of this type incorporate a 10-gear design into it and at the same time minimizing its weight. Riders can carry it up the stairs without having to worry about being stressed.

• Portable and compact folding bikes are one of the more popular choices you can also make. This type allows riders to have a good quality bike for travel and city riding. Most brands in this type folds up typically smaller than most folding bikes in the market today.

There you have it, things that you may consider when it comes to choosing a foldable bike for yourself, friend or family member. The bike you’re to buy will surely give you a riding comfort that matches your needs. Well then, why don’t you check out these bikes right now?